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Open Water

The Open Water Diver certification is the first course in becoming a competent and proficient diver. The course is divided into three components; knowledge development, confined water training and open water dives.   Knowledge development comprises of self-study through e-learning as well as two... Find Out More

Enriched Air Nitrox

The SSI Enriched Air Nitrox programs provide students with basic knowledge and skills needed to safely dive using breathing gas with enriched gas mixtures. One day of classroom in which you will explore and learn the benefits of diving Nitrox with a certified Enriched Air Instructor as well as master analyzing ... Find Out More

Altitude Diver

The SSI Altitude Diving program provides students with basic knowledge and skills needed to safely dive at elevations above 1000 feet / 300 meters  Find Out More

Advanced Adventurer

The SSI Advanced Adventurer class is the next step in continuing your SCUBA education. In this course we will re-enforce navigation skills, go beyond Open Water depth limits with 1 deep dive between 60 to 100 feet, learn the intricacies of Enriched Air Nitrox, take a step towards perfecting our buoyancy and experience ... Find Out More

Dry Suit

The SSI Dry Suit Diving program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to safely and comfortably dive with a dry suit. Three days of training consisting of classroom and drysuit fitting, confined water training and a final day of open water at Sand Harbor. Rental Drysuit included in course.&n... Find Out More

Try Scuba Diving

Always wanted to try SCUBA diving but nervous it may not be for you? For those wanting to experience SCUBA prior to enrolling in a class, you'll find out what it's like to breathe underwater, the gear you'll use, and the techniques to master the sport of scuba diving... we think you'll find out that you... Find Out More

Scuba Skills Update

The SSI Scuba Skills Update program provides certified divers with a safe and enjoyable way to refresh and update their skills. It can also provide non-certified Open Water Diver students with another practice session before participating in their open water training dives. Offered monthly for those who would l... Find Out More

Diver Stress and Rescue

This certification is the first step towards SCUBA diving leadership. Here we develop a diver’s situational awareness, allowing you to recognize settings that indicate unsafe diving, noticing signs of diver anxiety, managing gear malfunctions and many other potential scenarios. This course will dev... Find Out More

Specialty Certifications

There are a multitude of speciality courses offered by SSI. We are more than happy to speak with you about any specific specialties you would like to become certified in that we may not have scheduled or listed specifically in our classes. See below for a list of specialty programs we offer and feel free to give us a c... Find Out More


The SSI Dive Guide program provides candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to supervise and guide certified divers on recreational scuba dives. If you are interested in pursuing a professional career as a SCUBA diver, would like to have the skills to guide other divers or just simply want to gain experien... Find Out More

React Right

The SSI React Right program provides students with the knowledge and training to act as a first responder and provide first aid and CPR, administer oxygen and/or provide Automated External Defibrillator (AED) support in the event of a medical emergency. Find Out More