The value of Diver’s Alert Network insurance by Tahoe Dive Center Insurance is one of those products that at times, one resents paying their hard earned dollars towards. It is not uncommon to have a negative claims experience where the “insured’ is denied a claim or is low balled on a settlement, be it a… Read More

The underbelly of the flying wing is soft and smooth; the topside is course like sandpaper. You’re surrounded by a dozen of them. The creatures are friendly and loving, not unlike your favorite yellow lab or cuddly kitty. Why are these flying wings so friendly? Maybe you have something they want… Food! The dive master… Read More

  Ever thought of going to a diving destination that is off the radar? Where the resorts, accommodations, food and beverages are a great value? Where the people are gracious, friendly, and polite? Where the reefs, the biodiversity, the visibility, the walls, the World War II wrecks, are world class? In the heart of the… Read More

There are destinations on this planet that one must put on their “to do” list. It doesn’t matter if the journey is long, what matters, is once you arrive, you’re excited, and happy you made the decision to go there. The Republic of Palau is one such destination. Located 500 miles east of the Philippines,… Read More

What comes to mind when you think of Hawaii? It will be either Maui or Honolulu. For those dating ourselves, perhaps the famous detectives show of the 70’s: Hawaii Five 0. We sell a lot of Hawaii packages with Maui being the most popular, Oahu’s Waikiki beach, second, and the garden island of Kauai, third.… Read More