We will match internet pricing for most products and we have the tips and experiences knowledge to advise you on how the gear works, maintenance, and uses.

Our Products

Our products meet the needs of our clients from the budget minded to those willing to get the best and only the best. In purchasing your equipment, our experienced staff will guide you to what will be best for you. We will make recommendations based upon our experience of what works best. If we don’t have an item in stock we can get it quickly and we will match the internet on pricing.

Tahoe Dive Center is a multi line dealer offering both Aqualung and Scubapro, the two best manufacturers in the SCUBA industry. Both Aqualung and Scuba Pro have been at the forefront of the dive industry for over 50 years. Longevity, reliability and quality define these product lines. Other major product lines. include Atomic Aquatics, Hollis, and Whites Manufacturing (owned by Aqualung).

For thermal protection we have become a dealer for Whites dry suits bringing in the bullet proof Nexus 3 shoulder entry suit for our rental department. Whites also manufactures the streamlined Fusion and Legacy series. Diving accessories are available from XS Scuba, Trident, Innovative, and Rock & Sports. For those interested in photography, we offer the entry level Sea Life cameras. We are a dealer for Ikelite underwater housings and strobes. Ikelite provides housings for point and shoot cameras, plus the more complex SLR systems.

A Word of Advice

Safe, Trusted, Accountable, & Local

Is you life worth that big auction house savings?...

We would like to caution against purchasing life support equipment through on-line auction houses. All too often such equipment needs servicing and repair (as one of our clients recently learned the hard way), plus warranties are void. Sure, sometimes one gets lucky, all too often, its a disappointment.

The same is true for certain wholesale warehouse operations that periodically sell SCUBA equipment. Such equipment is inferior in workmanship and quality, as experienced one winter day where a student’s regulator and BC both failed resulting in an aborted dive.

The SCUBA products sold at these “warehouses” are not well known, they are not set up for warranty service or repair. Service entails returning the product. We go to these facilities to purchase large quantities of other items, not life support equipment.

Purchasing new equipment through on-line retailers is another issue, sending equipment for annual service and addressing warranty concerns.

We are a local dive shop and provide tested quality products from top retailers, warranties, annual required service, customer service, and in-person experts in the industry you can trust.